Multipurpose Margarine

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AK Margarines are made from fully refined, bleached and deodorized high quality palm oil. They are specially formulated and texturised fats which give good plasticity.

They give good volume and butter aroma to the cakes. Cookies made from AK Margarines will have uniform shape and provide a crunchy bite feel. They also give creaming volume in cream, which stays in shape.


Vegetable oil (RBD palm oil), Emulsifier (E 471, E 322), Anti Oxidants (E320, E 319), Coloring (E160a), flavor, salt, water



AK Margarine is an industrial product suitable for cake dough croissant, puff pastries, preparation of cakes, sweet bread cookies, cake decorating cream, cake filling cream, buns, pancake and other bakery products.